• Make no excuses

Make no excuses

Brant and staff

Brant Garvey’s life motto is ‘make no excuses’ and for someone who has every reason to make excuses, it’s a powerful message.


Our General Manager Lance Hinrichsen started searching for someone who could share a real-life experience with the Tilly’s team at our recent staff day. While there are many inspirational people in the sports arena, Lance also wanted to find someone who had achieved more than just a title. Brant’s story grabbed his attention – born with only one leg, Brant has had to overcome great difficulties just in everyday life, so to have achieved what he has in the sporting world is truly remarkable. A relentless will to achieve his goals has led Brant to international success as a triathlete and iron man, competing with all the challenges his physical condition throws his way. The hope was that the entire Tilly’s team would be challenged in their thinking and feel encouraged to move beyond past failures or disappointments, to be able to face new opportunities with fresh eyes and enthusiasm.


Tilly’s workshop team member Jonathon was inspired by Brant’s attitude. Coming away from the session with a new take on the saying ‘anyone can do anything’, Jonathon felt that Brant’s emphasis on not putting limitations on yourself or those around you, regardless of physical or mental challenges was something to hold onto. Sheer determination has ensured Brant’s success, and it was really encouraging to hear his story.


Natalie, our Overseas Purchasing Officer, was really impacted by the way Brant deals with challenges using humour. Not taking himself too seriously has kept Brant going through some grueling experiences, like learning to ride a bike – throwing your leg over the bike takes on a whole new meaning when your leg literally flies off! Natalie admired Brant’s determination – where there is a will there really is a way. Not letting anyone tell you that you can’t do something has led to Brant’s success, and it’s a really inspiring story, told with some hilarity and a good dose of humility.


Mark, one of our Sales team, found Brant to be really relatable and felt he connected well with the whole team. A former sportsman who trains junior rugby league teams in his spare time, Mark felt that Brant has a story that inspires a reality check. A little perspective isn’t a bad thing, and when you hear a story like Brant’s often your own struggles don’t seem quite so tough. Mark was also really interested in the mechanics of Brant’s prosthetics and how expensive his titanium leg is! Mark felt he could take some of Brant’s lessons back to his junior teams to inspire and motivate them too.


The whole Tilly’s team was kept laughing through Brant’s presentation, but more than just the feel-good aspect of the presentation, his powerful message of ‘no excuses’ is being built into the Tilly’s team culture moving forward. We look forward to catching up with Brant again soon and watching his journey towards Tokyo 2020!

You can find out more about Brant here