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Internet Security

Scams come in many forms - mail, email, phone, online and door-to-door.

They're designed to trick you into giving away your money, passwords and/or personal details.

Tilly's related scams.

Tilly's value your preferences and as such, you will NOT be e-mailed any material unless specifically requested and pre-authorised through the account application process.

NON Tilly's related scams.

Report any non-Tilly's related scams to SCAMWATCH.

They are an independant website run by the Australia Competition & Consumer Commission. (ACCC)

SCAMWATCH provides information to consumers and small business on how to recognise, avoid and reports scams.

Anything reported to SCAMWATCHwill be analysed and acted on by the ACCC.

August 2016

Tilly's are aware of an e-mail based scam campaign that purports to come from Tilly's Crawler parts.

You will note that the e-mail has few contradictory clues within.

It shows Tilly's name but...

- A Sydney area code (02)

- A Brisbane phone number (33262110)

- A Townsville address (Tilly's are in Toowoomba)

- The senders e-mail address usually appears to come from Germany or elsewhere (name17@t-online.de)

Please be careful to DELETE these e-mails immediately as well as deleting from your "Deleted" folder just in-case.