• Tilly's new dedicated refurbishment workshop

Tilly's new dedicated refurbishment workshop

Tilly's new dedicated refurbishment workshop

A new dedicated refurbishment workshop at Tilly’s Toowoomba headquarters is providing the team with greater opportunities – and Tilly’s customers are reaping the benefits.


Now as well as reconditioning and building engines, Tilly’s climate-controlled, low-dust workshops allow the team to provide customers with complete peace of mind using genuine, fit-for-purpose specs. Producing Dyno reports as primary indicators, the team is testing and bringing HP, torque and RPM all up to required spec.


An increase in demand and a shift in Tilly’s business strategy meant that going from one open-environment workshop to three dedicated bays has not only tripled capacity but is enabling the experienced team to expand their capabilities to C-series engines.


The team were part of the consultative process with the building of the workshop which includes overhead cranes, hydraulic work benches and a substantial investment in more specialised tooling. Each team member has their own space set up to increase efficiency, worker comfort and quality control.


Currently on the benches are a 3306 engine, 130/140G transmission, D9L torque converter and D4 steer clutch, with preparation work underway for a C4 engine arriving shortly.


Leading hand Brian Jeans has been a valued Tilly’s employee for more than 16 years. Starting as in the warehouse and completing a Cert IV in Business Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Brian then moved to the Dismantling team where he completed his Diesel Fitter’s trade. His experience across the different branches of the company means that Brian encourages a learning environment as a collective, rather than each team member keeping their specific skills to themselves.


The Refurbishment team boasts an engineering background, a machine operator and parts interpreter, and they share their knowledge, feel they are all equals on the same path, and that they can cover each other’s skill sets. A lack of competition within the team ensures that they work together to get the job done to an exacting standard, get the part out and make sure the customer is happy.


The new workshop also offers the opportunity for in-house training for other members of the 70-strong Tilly’s team, with Brian encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving as a key component of the department.


With preventative maintenance essential to long machine life, Tilly’s Refurbishment team is happy to offer mid-life rebuilds and quality, price-competitive services to customers across Australia. This is backed up by Tilly’s offering of 40,000+ new alternative part lines QA checked and in stock, along with a quality range of undercarriage and attachments.


Tilly’s tagline of ‘always moving forward’ is evident in the company’s investment in more professional outcomes for their team and in turn their valued customers.