Ram Press Services

We can rebuild/repair all sizes of rams

Tilly's Crawler Parts - Rampress

Our ram press service utilising our 50,000 lb.ft press capable of Bore sizes up to 14” is available for rams of any type.

We offer in-house priority repair, fully cycled and pressure tested.

Rams can be re-rodded, re-barrelled or just resealed using our huge range of quality seal kits.

We carry a range of frequently requested ram types so we can offer you a quick turn exchange service as well.

The ram press team can also build a varied range of hydraulic valves and pumps on demand.

No request is too small - we can supply rams for those strange requirements like log splitters and home made rippers. Call us today with you measurements and Tilly’s will be able to assist.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, email us at mail@tillys.com.au
or call us on  1800TILLYS .